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Take Me Out. Who Is Sylvia. Goodbye Flatland. Seventeen On. Later during the trial, some of the kids were open about how Gertrude had recruited them.


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Anna never bothered to find out if it was true. Gertrude told her own children that Sylvia was a prostitute. Jenny later reported how Diana snuck food into the basement in which Sylvia was hidden. A neighbor had also reported the incidents to a public health nurse who, upon entering the home and not seeing Sylvia for she was locked in a basement, concluded that nothing was wrong.

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Baniszewski had also managed to convince the nurse that she had kicked the Likens girls out. Other next-door neighbors allegedly were aware of how Sylvia was abused. They had seen Paula strike the girl in the Baniszewski home on two separate occasions but claimed not to report the abuse because they feared for their own lives.

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Shortly after this Sylvia overheard Gertrude Baniszewski tell her children that she was going to take Sylvia to a forest and leave her there to die. A desperate Sylvia Likens attempted one final escape. She managed to get out the front door before Gertrude caught her. Sylvia was so weak from her injuries she could not have possibly gotten too far.

With the assistance of a neighbor boy named Coy Hubbard, Gertrude beat Sylvia with a curtain rod until she fell unconscious. Then, when she came back to, she stomped on her head. Sylvia was dead by Oct. After three months of torture and starvation, she could no longer form intelligible words and could barely move her limbs.

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When the police came, Gertrude stuck with her cover story. Jenny, though, took her chance. Gertrude herself pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. Ultimately though, on May 19, , Gertrude Baniszewski was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.

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Paula Baniszewski, who had given birth to a daughter during the trial, was convicted of second-degree murder and was also sentenced to life imprisonment. The three boys were all paroled just two years later in

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