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I was making sexy faces in the mirror for six months straight after that. A symbiotic relationship developed between them and the cast. We created a community, the show and fans. But when a Marshmallow stops me, I know who they were, what they went through, how they felt about the show. I know something about them. This got me through it. None of us take that for granted. At the vanguard of social media, the writers flocked to the website Television Without Pity, a fan forum that offered immediate feedback during and after episodes. Thomas: People wrote very thoughtful essays.

Ruggiero: You could go on there and have your ego boosted, or be completely crushed and crawl into a bottle for a week. Thomas filled every frame with story, mingling a season-long mystery with smaller, episodic cases that took place in and out of high-school and college settings. Thomas: I was such an enormous fan of Freaks and Geeks. All of those stories involved Veronica, requiring Bell to be in almost every scene that first season.

Muhney: She slept on set. Ate on set. Her dog was on set. Her boyfriend visited on set. She was the only cast member that was actually a community member of Neptune.

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Etheridge: The sheer volume of dialogue that she would have to memorize every day—and she would come in and just be perfect. You rarely had to give her notes. Ruggiero: I had to talk with her in her trailer once about something during lunchtime. She was working out with a trainer, doing lunges, in hair and makeup, practicing her lines. And then we shot to midnight. What I remember about that scene was it being exhausting.

It was an exhaustive cortisol spike. This feels like a time for dad.

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  • Colantoni: Harry was so much fun to get punched by. The one between Joe Pantoliano and James Gandolfini. That was the idea we were working on. Re-create a real fight that included throwing things, biting, and kicking. Just anything that was raw and real. Bell: I love Kyle with all my heart. Seeing him go through that tortured scene was definitely kick-starting my maternal instincts.

    Thomas: The way Beaver steps off the roof is one of my favorite moments. It looks amazing and I thought that was effective. Gonzalo: You feel for Parker right off the bat, because of all the trauma she goes through. And then she comes into play between two people meant to be together. Lowell: I was the asshole on the show, coming to break up the big love. I was going to throw a hand grenade in the romance everybody wanted so badly.

    Maybe not the most passionate, as far as the relationship may go, but as far as being a decent guy. Lowell: Piz has never been accused of murdering anyone. I wish we had more of them on this planet. No one would walk. Because if my daughter were dating someone like Logan, it would be hard for me to root for them—because he really needed to get his shit together…. Piz treated her well, so there was a part of me, Kristen, that wanted Veronica to find someone more stable like Piz. Now, my feelings have changed since the reboot. I am now Team Logan again, because they do things with Logan in the reboot that the fans are going to want to see.

    Lowell: Jason was upset when we were done with the fight sequence and saw what we looked like.

    'Very dangerous': Cyclone Veronica to bring 4m storm surge to northern WA

    He said it looked like Piz whooped my ass. You have a bloody lip and black eye. I look like I should be read my last rites. Everyone in the cast and crew has their own pick for the definitive Veronica Mars moment.

    What’s it about?

    It pulled my heart out of my body. I have a fondness for when I would make Wallace steal files from the school office. I have a Miami Vice suit on, and they dressed Kristen up as Madonna. I should just be a beautiful girl out here with my beautiful friend, just having a moment of being young and happy and floating in a fucking pool. Its guest roster also included future stars like Jessica Chastain and Armie Hammer. Dunn: Amanda was a lot of fun to work with.

    I remember people watching her in the video village and talking about her and thinking she was going to be a star. Ruggiero: We all love Tessa. She was the coolest person. Although he had to pass on the Van Lowe role, Paul Rudd ended up appearing as a washed-up rock star in season three. Etheridge: We were inspired by Withnail and I, which is one of our favorite movies. Lowell: Paul was so easy and mellow. I had a million questions for him about Wet Hot American Summer, and he answered all of them. Ratings issues consistently placed the series on the bubble for cancellation—until Marshmallows took matters into their own hands, flooding network offices with Mars Bars one year and an airplane banner another.

    Gwartz: We had such a fervent fan base so devoted to this character and show that they took it upon themselves to lead their own movement to advocate for renewal. Nevertheless, the show got canceled after its third season.

    Thomas tried to revive it with a backdoor pilot that placed Veronica in the FBI, under the tutelage of a character played by Walton Goggins. Ruggiero: We had shitloads of fun writing it. I remember writing at an airport in Costa Rica between flights. I was sitting next to a goat, on my suitcase. Thomas: it was a Hail Mary.

    Netflix horror movie 'Veronica' is so scary people are turning it off halfway through

    The network had asked me about writing a show about a young FBI agent. And I said, how about taking Veronica five years ahead? We streamed it for the network, and they flipped over it. We had two weeks of feeling good. But the Marshmallows never gave up.

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    Thomas: An Austin musician friend of mine used Kickstarter to fund a recording project. Please, people, donate.

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    Thomas: The potential for humiliation felt so high. And then we hit 1 million in the first four, five hours. All I could do was sit there and watch the money pour in. The case was reportedly never solved. Of course, people have been going wild about "Veronica" and have been documenting their experiences as if their lives depended on it. Check out the craziest tweets below. Good luck to anyone who decides to watch "Veronica.