The Sky Will Fall (Dark Chapters)

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They turned off the water at the pump too. Said we had to pay with different money. She dusted herself off and entered the house. On the floor was the water bucket. It was tipped over and dry as the dirt on which it rested.

Dark Relics—Chapter 2:

That was the new game. The children scrambled away and looked up with the same large eyes they did when they were being scolded. Fatima knelt and cried. It had been three days since the store had refused their money; since the water pumps had been turned off. Now, a crowd stood outside the market shop. They held stones in their hands.

He placed it on the ground and stepped onto it. His stomach hurt, his legs trembled. The group that had gathered was just as poor and he and his wife. A man with thick calluses on his feet dropped a large stone between his legs. His toenails were black and chipped. A gash split the skin on his right foot.

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At the corner of his lips, thick white saliva had turned into a dry goop. He was thirsty. They all were, but their job was not water. The other neighborhood would take care of.

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They were here for the food. He held it up for everyone to see. It provoked angry shouts. People spit towards him. He felt some of it on his legs and arms. He understood. He dropped the money to the ground and pointed to the building. The peeling blue front door was open, but a metal gate still stood in the way. Similar protection covered all the windows. Inside a young man stood with his back pressed against the wall. Just my job. In a moment the curses and shouts died. He pointed to the building, and the figure inside then spoke.

And we are not animals. We are only hungry. Do not let your anger at what has been done lead to violence against those who had no choice. He too has to eat. A murmur moved through the crowd. He called for silence again. The wood is old and weak. It will give way long before the steel yields. Inside a large conference room in Germany, the air conditioner bombinated quietly.

A polished oak table fit perfectly in the middle of the room surrounded by microfiber chairs. Miguel stood next to one and watched the food riot develop on the screen. The starving mass grabbed and pulled at the steel roll-down gate.

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They kicked and pulled until it broke free. They nearly trampled each other to get inside. In a moment, they stripped it of everything and left. Miguel pointed at the screen. Can you zoom in at all? Two men sat at the conference table. One, well-groomed, with a tight-fitting suit, and the other looked just out of college with a laptop in front of him. The college grade typed a few things, and the camera focused in on where Miguel had pointed. The ground was covered in paper bills and coins. Miguel leaned back in his chair and touched his hand to his perfectly smooth chin.

He was tall with skin like golden honey and thick black hair. He was descended from some of the wealthiest and most influential men in the history of Chile, and with that wealth and influence, his ancestors had always married the most beautiful women in the country. Miguel was the product of centuries of human beauty clustering into a single gene pool. Kevin unbutton his suit, and the tight clothing fell back.

The slick fitting black cloth made him look spindly, like a spider that has had some of its legs torn off. He nodded.

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Our first attempt at a Sky Fall collapse is a failure. The question is why. Why was it so hard to for them to understand? The result might be very different in America or Europe. Miguel shook his head. We need to find out where we went wrong before we try again. Half-way to the exit, Miguel stopped.

Contact one of our assets and distract him. As we walked the street of the abandoned city, we saw a body. A woman trampled to death in the madness of the night before. Stephenson warned me that if anyone ever wielded Sky Fall, they could kill anyone they wanted, and no one would ask questions.

Kid Icarus: Uprising - Chapter 2: Magnus and the Dark Lord

I doubted then. I do not doubt now. There were other factors as well. They had to be sure she was someone the boy would respond to. Several were interviewed and sent on preliminary missions to make initial contact. She provoked the strongest response. Now, the two danced and gyrated against each other in the rented factory. They were here for the drugs, reckless dancing and possible hookups in the after haze. A live band played loud music through multiple speakers throughout the area. The thick cement walls and heavy unyielding metal of the printers the dotted the area reverberated the noise into an indecipherable cacophony. Even the rhythm of the crowd seemed uneven as some heard the music from the speakers, and other heard the reflection from the walls. The girl led her date to the center of the room through careful tugs, presses and occasionally drifting away from him and seductively writhing as she waiting for him to draw closer.

Instinctively, she touched her ear as though to activate her ear piece, but nothing was there. The team knew going in that it would be too loud. She could feel him begin to kiss her skin. She took the moment to check in with her team. Several massive men dotted the room. They danced but it was out of rhythm, the sluggish odd dance that is often mocked of in stereotypes of white people.

As she made eye contact with each of them, they all gave a singe nod, then lit up a glow stick around their writs. Each held it high in the air. They waved and bobbed their hands to the music. It was common to see such a thing at raves and rock concerts, and several others members of the crowd were doing it as well.

A perfect geometric shape of upheld blue wrist bands, all at key positions in the room.