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The newly implemented sports project guaranteed the collective right for the use of this public space.

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This multipurpose urban park, one of many in a series of interventions built across Barcelona , changed the old marginalized perception of the area. Situated behind a series of shops in the city of Taiwan , a once forgotten part of the neighborhood was reintroduced to the community by hosting a new and fresh function on its premises.


The revitalization of the space introduced a colorful basketball court, a chill-out spot where people can just take a break. Ready-made materials were utilized in the project and the existing reinforced concrete was used as the foundation of the canopy. Silhouettes of the structure produced by a playful pattern, imitate the waves and the surrounding ocean. Visual connectivity with the landscape is preserved and celebrated.

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In fact, the project aims to abolish segregation in theses urban areas, reconcile abandoned spaces with the community and improve the quality of life. It takes on a flexible layout that allows creative opportunities and improves the relationship between the residents of the neighborhood.

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In Pigalle, the area once known for its infamous activities, a basketball court, squeezed between buildings, was redesigned and repainted several times, lastly by Ill-Studio and Nike, in order to keep giving the neighborhood a fresh outlook and a new intriguing identity. Ever since its very first transformation, this space attracted both locals for its social activity and tourists for its picturesque scenery. In New Zealand , meters of abandoned and unused highway infrastructure are transformed into a cycling circuit. On the city level, repurposing this network regenerated the areas crossed by the path and reunited the people with these forgotten spaces.

You'll now receive updates based on what you follow! Personalize your stream and start following your favorite authors, offices and users. Swasti have supported governments, donors and development partners to design solutions in public health. Swasti has directly reached over , people through our various initiatives.

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Vrutti is committed to finding solutions to end poverty, marginalisation and creation of wealth and build resilience for small producers. As social organisation, Vrutti pursues problem solving with entrepreneurial zeal, business acumen, courage to innovate, and consistently challenge traditional practices. Vrutti is passionate about unbiased measurement, self-critique and learning. Vrutti works through result-based planning tools, performance measurement metrics, impact and value for money assessments and use technology as augmenter.

Fuzhio promotes Impact Products directly to customers on behalf of small farmers and vulnerable groups and allows them to maximize yields and provide customers with safe, responsible products.

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As thought leaders we build knowledge and perspectives, and generate learning. Our multi- and cross-disciplinary experience affords us the ability to draw, process and share insights across themes and sectors, enriching solutions through diverse lenses. We understand that transformation and scale is not possible without partnerships and collaborations.

We bridge worlds of the communities, practitioners, thinkers and investors; and of program and policy; bringing these together for scale and sustainability. Ethics, integrity and execution excellence are the pathways towards action that demonstrates quality and dignity for communities. We provide mechanisms to partners in the social sector to remain firmly on these pathways. Our constituents are the practitioners, thinkers and investors who are vested in social development, are aligned to our vision and strategy and subscribe to the same values, beliefs and standards that we stand for.

These constituents as individuals or institutions are our partners.

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  4. We define partnerships through a variety of formal and informal engagement mechanisms. We are vested in working with partners, irrespective of the formality of engagement, and supporting them to move towards their results.

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    Partnership forms include:. Institutions co-created with other partners where the governance and management is legally represented by a Catalyst Group entity. Build, Operate and Transfer mechanisms where only management, and not governance is represented by a Catalyst Group entity. Philosophically and strategically, Catalyst Group would like to stay small and make a big impact. We are not focused on our size, rather the size of our contributions. Therefore we prefer to measure and be measured on this count.