The Awakening of the Mortal Body

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by Kate Chopin

Because the being that emerges from this period of isolation has begun to truly find and love him- or herself. What they then have to share with the world is their own true and authentic self not just another insipid reflection of popular culture. This new emergent being then finds a yearning for true, soul-deep, intimate connections with significant others. And so a new phase begins. A phase of oneness in separation I felt quite bereft when I lost some of my old friendships. But the depth and profundity of the connections I am now making shows me that I am on the right path, for sure!

Things that make you look outside of yourself for what to believe in; for what to attach your ego to. What to live for, fight for and die for. These are the things the people of this world give all their focus and attention to. And in so doing this is how they keep themselves sound asleep in illusion land. And these are also precisely the things that you are losing interest in, as you awaken. What are these things?

The Internal Witness [Awakening Faith]

Money is, at best, a tool. I don't hunger for money itself. And certainly not for power or status! No way! If someone is great at what they do then good for them. But I don't worship any other human being!

Not for me! I don't need someone or some book or some group to tell me what is true. I find my truth inside myself! Politics: The very entertaining drama that a small group uses to fool the rest of us that we actually have a say in the way they will continue to run "their" business. No thanks! And I am not interested in that game. Are you kidding? We are all eternal spirits having a human experience.

How can someone else be of less value than myself? The idea that your geographic region deserves your undying loyalty, no matter what destructive idiocy the leaders of your geographic region see politics above get up to. How silly. I am a spirit being first. Sport as a religion. What you get a point for is having no interest in getting yourself attached to some sports team as if they were somehow an extension of yourself. The belief that what they do on the sports field is somehow significant in your life.

I am not interested in being polarized by the actions of a group of people engaged in sweaty activity with a leather ball. How on earth can THAT be important?

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The idea that some talking heads on TV or some other opinion makers in print are actually telling you what is both true and important. News is a business paid for by sponsors provided by a corporation that exists to make money. It's not a public service. And it doesn't exist for my benefit. And as you lose interest in these things, so you find that there is room in your mind to think your own thoughts.

To begin to process the things that you really should be processing. So you begin to notice the things that are going on inside yourself. And as you lose interest in all of these "fascination games" that don't serve you, so you find you have space in your mind and energy in your being to focus on other things. Important things. Things that DO serve you! Are you becoming aware of your thoughts? Are you becoming aware that your thoughts actually impact your reality?

Are you aware that you are creating your reality with your beliefs? Have you noticed that your body has its own intelligence? Have you noticed this? And if you have actually begun putting these awarenesses into practice by working to heal your thoughts and beliefs… and then noticed that this has brought healing to you relationships, your life experiences or your body, give yourself an extra point.

You certainly deserve it! And soon enough, after noticing the power of things like thought and intent Who are you If you are past thinking that you are your body, your mind, your thoughts, your experiences, your memories, your beliefs, your relationships… or anything else that you can point to… give yourself a point. If you know that life, for you, is unending.

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That this life in this body is just one experience and that you have had other, utterly different, experiences, some in other bodies and many more not in a body at all and that, obviously, you will continue to live and experience when you leave this body behind… then you get a point. If you are aware that the REAL you is creating this ego-persona and then inhabiting it so as to experience this life in this world, then you certainly deserve another point. It's not immediately obvious but, yes, I figured that out for myself. Feel into this persona.

Here you are now. Here you are pretending to be THIS human being, reading these words. It feels as if you ARE this person, right? There's my Inner-Self! I can connect with It and know that I am It! If you are able to accept guidance, teaching and direction from your Inner-Self probably via your heart portal? My own internal guru and guidance is right here in my heart. Got it!

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I know the value of stopping to "listen to my soul". I meditate regularly. It's a real challenge to get this right, but I am learning that this "person" is a set of beliefs and tools that the "real me" is using to experience this world and enact Its soul-deep desires. And finally, if you feel that you are actually BECOMING your Inner-Self and that your ego is just that which you use to interact with the world, then you get both a point and my deep respect.

It takes some doing to get to this point here on Earth!

Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude! I am reaching this point!

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I believe that your entire external reality Do you know that you can change your beliefs? Do you know that your beliefs are just ideas to which you have become attached?

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Yes, I know that this is possible because I have observed my beliefs changing and refining as I have grown spiritually. Do you know that your spiritual pain is really just a manifestation of beliefs that no longer serve you? Do you know that all other kinds of suffering physical, mental and emotional are really just manifestations of your spiritual pain Yes, I know that I can heal myself and my life by healing my beliefs.

Do you know that there are beliefs that are good, not because they are "true" but because they work? They are useful. They bring healing, growth, peace, harmony and joy as they replace damaging, limiting beliefs. For example, a belief that "All is One" will result in the believer being more loving to all of life. And a belief that "what you do to another you do to yourself also", will cause the believer to be kinder, more caring and more compassionate.

The Awakening

And will therefore experience more kindness, caring and compassion in the world. Because what you believe is what you perceive. I am very carefully working on my belief set, crafting the beliefs that optimally serve the greatest good. Emotions are powerful things. When we are deeply asleep we can feel as if we are their victim.