The Aeolian Master - Book 3 - GALACTUS VII

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A mercenary company that would rape and pillage anything they could get their hands on. Their numbers, unrivaled. There was no hope of stopping them. They will rule over all. Unfortunately, a certain Prince will not stand idly by while this injustice runs amok. The Black Dogs will learn to fear the Might of Lordaeron. But she'd like nothing more than to live a normal life.

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When Spider-Man webs his way into her world, there's really no chance of being normal. But is that really so bad? Extended summary inside. But when evil forces erupt from out of nowhere, he must join forces with the Secret Warriors to battle this newfound chaos. Hero of Remnant by bobinator reviews When Albion fell to the brother of darkness, the first hero had to reset the world a new.

The Aeolian Master - Book 3 - GALACTUS VII

Now, the world, called Remnant by the new humanity, faces a new but similar darkness lead by a new leader and with a new name, Grimm. This world requires a new hero to save it from the creatures of the God of darkness. Slow beginning due to backstory and training.

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Son of Sparda DxD by DarkAkatsuk1 reviews Imagine Dante's surprise when a bizarre development in a mission gone awry lead him to a new reality, complete with all the things he'd expect in his own world… EXCEPT he was a teenager once again and had no apparent way back home. Well then. If he's given a chance to live his youth again, he may as well make the best of it.

Thanos is after the Infinity Stones, the Omnitrix, and the Omega Nanite so he can destroy half the universe, and potentially the multiverse. Can the Avengers, Guardians, and others unite to defeat this enemy, or will they all fall?

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How he lived through the day he lost his brother. This is the story of a man who became much more then just a regular ninja and an Uchiha, this is the story of Zero, Zero The Uchiha of the Hidden Leaf. But the threat of Unicron still remains. Worse still, old and new enemies unite that threaten the entire universe. The Autobots and their human will need the aid of other heroes as well as unexpected allies to face this approaching doom. For they must work together to survive, or fall one by one.

Queens of Krypton: The Hogwarts Stories by Liesje reviews Harry doesn't have a normal life, he doubts he ever will. He doesn't really mind. After all he wouldn't have his amazing but don't tell them that family if his life was normal. I own nothing you might recognise. Will Jacob keep his new found friends alive from the dinosaurs, and will Rick keep everyone from turning into a zombie? Find out in: The Jurassic Dead, season 2! Grant, I. Malcolm, Rick G. Sports Festival, Class 1-A, its teachers Eraserhead, Midnight, and All-Might , and Principal Nezu are transported into a movie theatre to watch events in another dimension.

Who knows Also, this is rated T juuuuuust in case. Then everything changed when The Galactic Empire ransacked and conquered the planet. Now looking to avenge themselves after they abandoned their people when they needed them most, Jak and Keira must use their eco powers with the ways of the Force to become Jedi and save the galaxy.

A mysterious event grants him the gift of immortality, causing Jamous to find himself in major events all across the Star Wars Timeline. Counterpart Conferences by Michael Weyer reviews In the wake of the Infinity Crisis, various forces discuss what has occurred Appearances from Lucifer and Doctor Who. Second chapter featuring a pair of iconic '80s cartoons. Spider-Man: Evolve by NarutoNega reviews For most of his life, Peter Parker was able to get through most of his problems with a simple spandex suit and a set of wrist mounted web-shooters.

Now, with reality catching up to him and the sudden need to improve, what will Parker do? Now if only he had more time than he thought he did before he was sent to a new world Fuck the Parker Luck. Spider-Man in DC universe - enjoy. Rated T for language. Cap's old enemies. He calls himself The Winter Solider. Evangelion Knight by J0ekerr reviews Shinji Ikari made a solemn promise when he saw his parents murdered before his eyes in a dark alley thirteen years ago.

But can he really uphold it? Along side Kylo Ren and Phasma, Admiral Kuvira leads a fleet of hundreds of capital ships and millions of soldiers. Above all she is determined to restore what was lost with the Empire, and reclaim the galaxy from the Rebels. Please Read and Review. Nick Fury and S.


D have taken notice to three teenagers' peculiarities. Will Fury be able to recruit them? Or will he make some enemies?

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Post-BoTW and during the first Avengers movie. This is also a crossover of Percy Jackson that is set after the Blood of Olympus. Thor discovers Loki has been looking into another world with the idea of taking it over and has been saving his findings. Luckily for Thor, it's Black Widow's birthday and the amusing findings of Loki would make a perfect gift, so he brings them to her and she decides the Avengers should watch it together.

My first story. Bounty Hunters. It'll take a miracle to make them all cooperate. It'll be a bigger miracle if they survive the Galactic Civil War. Created by Cassian Andor before the events of Rogue One, these are the unexpected heroes of the Rebel Alliance, pulling dirty raids that the leadership wouldn't approve of. This is Renegade Squadron. This is their story. No he doesn't lose everything he loves. Now he joins a newly formed team. Takes place after series 1 Ben is 13 didn't give up the Omnitrix. Miss Hardy by protector91 reviews Amazing Spider-Man 2 spoilers will be present. Felicia Hardy has taken over Oscorp in the aftermath of Electro's rampage.

She wants to make the company a legitimate business, but will her own paranoia about the members of the Board threaten to consume her? What new adventures await? What new secrets will be revealed?

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Lord Fishcake by AbyssNight98 reviews Naruto is a trained ninja, the shadow assassin of his world Estea. He is the survivor of the Estea Trials, where he and a group of other Force Adepts fought to live and get the chance to be trained as Sith. On Korriban, he finds a friend and a power his people never had. Ignore the title it's not a comedy I think? The Interference of Mara Jade by LPK9 reviews Bespin, and its aftermath, go down differently due to the involvement of a certain fiery redhead. ESB AU. The orphan becomes the Batman.

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Same story every time. But what if he was born in a world where everyone has a special power?

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How many things change because of one difference? Read to find out. What they find is nothing short of shocking; a man returned from the dead by the will of the Force itself. A man whose mission is now to show the Emperor the true meaning of his ancient words: Winter is Coming. In the aftermath of the Decimation, Barry, Oliver, and the Avengers struggle to cope with their failure. The age of the superhero is here. Witness the birth and legend of a team of superheroes- The Justice Legion! Power that he will use to become one of the world's greatest Heroes!

But first thing's first: he needs to know how to use them responsibly.

here And he will with the help of his mentor Peter Parker? Hang onto your hats True Believers, because this is the birth of the world's strangest Hero Second Chance by Full Power reviews In a twist of fate, Bardock is transported into the future to the day his sons had their fateful encounter.