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There's nowhere and nothing she won't play, too - they've dropped a piano into Burning Man for her, they've dropped a piano into Cappodocia for her, she's mashed up Pink Floyd, Coldplay and it was all inspired by what a badass she thinks Franz Liszt was. This was a pretty cool coffee date, so settle in and enjoy! We all know the arts are so important, but as one fan pointed out to this week's guest, AyseDeniz, it's incredibly hard to get access to what you need when you're in a rural area. That made us think of all the amazing people we know working hard to make sure everyone has access to music and theatre.

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Ever find yourself playing a video game and thinking to yourself, "Man, I love this game but I don't know why - and it's not just the visuals"? Turns out the audio design of a game can make or break your experience, and Zack Quarles, or ZQ to his friends, is the man behind the games you've loved through the years, including Killer Instinct, Quake and more.

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  2. Jesse Tyler Ferguson to Star in Broadway Revival of ‘Take Me Out’.
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Listen in for advice to aspiring sound designers, why video games are getting more like digital theatre every day, and insight into the Strogg language ZQ created from scratch for Quake. Little did we all know that Christina Anthony's life was about to be forever changed, when she agreed to be our second test guest back in March of and sit down for coffee with us.

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  • She had just shot a backdoor pilot for a new show called Mixed-ish, but no one knew if it would be picked up. But back in that moment, Christina sat on her bathroom floor in her Hollywood studio apartment and dished out hilarity and wisdom about what it means to never quit, what she'd ask Barack Obama and Mr.

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    T if she could take them to coffee, and how she came up with her nickname for Lin Manuel Miranda. Gather round for a very special commentary track episode, wherein Andrew and Jess pull back the curtain and let you listen in to the very first episode they ever recorded, with NBC Diversity Scholarship winner and actor Jermaine Blackwell. Here's a hint: It was absolute chaos. It starts with a fire alarm going off and Andrew's apartment almost catching on fire.

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    Go us!!! Let the thirty see the flirty. Take Me Out, the hit ITV dating show hosted by Paddy McGuinness, is set to return for an eleventh season, with thirty more hopeful singles looking for love. The series places 30 women on lighted podiums, while a single male contestant tries to impress them.

    This year, successful couples will be in for a twist, as the dates will be based around a single activity — chosen by the men.

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    Courtney is a performing arts graduate and barmaid who believes that she has psychic abilities.

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    Bobbi is a year-old YouTuber and martial artist with four daughters. Danni is a year-old nursery teacher who loves sky-diving and eats mayonnaise straight out of the bottle.

    vyqodybibuxe.cf The refugee will mark the audience by drawing on their arm. The marking can be kept or washed away.

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    Tania El Khoury commissioned musician and street artist Basel Zaraa who was born a Palestinian refugee in Syria to record a rap song inspired by the journey his sisters made from Damascus to Sweden. The LuEsther T. Season support provided by the Blavatnik Family Foundation.