My Opportunity with God

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As I was ministering one week ago, my eyes looked out, and I saw a man who I knew; for some reason, I focused on him, realizing I had not had a conversation with him in quite a while.

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He was serving as an usher at the back of the church. He had traveled out of town for the weekend, become ill, and died of a pulmonary embolism.

Opportunity Cost and the Kingdom of God

What was even more shocking was that he was only 39 years old. He had been a large, teddy-bear sized man who had a great big heart for children. He would fit his large frame into the primary chairs in the 1 st -3 rd grade room, and was an expert in relating to his pupils, and they loved him!

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He even took some of the boys fishing, and acted as a father figure to those who had no dad in the home. Indeed, he was also a great fisherman, and he shared his sense of humor and skill with a group of guys who loved him as much as if they were his natural family. He shared the fish he caught in an excellent gumbo with many in our church. He was a great man of God, full of integrity and fun.

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Although I am not able to do that with him, this missed opportunity has taught me to become more intentional about speaking my formerly unspoken genuine thoughts of my appreciation, love and support to those in my world. She is mom of three young men, Percy, Ronald and Ryan. Thanks so much for sharing this Rhonda! Let me not miss the opportunity to say that I appreciated your words.

T.D. Jakes Sermons: This is Your Opportunity

Thank you, Rhonda for your post and your story. At the beginning of my social worker career, I had an urgent need to talk to a certain young female relative. Being newly married, I kept postponing my decision to visit her. But right on the next chapter we can see that Asa has made some wrong decisions late in his reign and lifetime. The context behind this is that Asa was first challenged by a million-strong army of Ethiopians while his own Israelite army numbered only , He was clearly outnumbered by almost half. But he called on to God and God gave him victory.

We miss chances and opportunities

But after years of peace, he has forgotten how God has given him great victory and delivered him from the Ethiopians. The Lord did not let this slip away. Is it a small matter? Maybe… But not for God.

Remember that without faith it is impossible to please God — and clearly, king Asa did not put his faith in God with this act of turning to the king of Aram for help. What happened? Again, Asa did not turn to God — he had a rebellious and hardened heart.

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  5. He turned to his physicians for help. But they could not heal him. I want to emphasize on the point wherein Azariah told Asa that he missed his chance of defeating the armies of the king of Aram. Would Asa know what could have been? Perhaps not.

    How to Know if an Opportunity is God’s Will

    But he did miss something, right? Something great. We might not know it but we do miss great, God-given chances.