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If you have children and their old baby gear is still lying around the house, you could make an extra buck from renting it out to local tourists. Babyquip is a website that connects holidaymakers who have children with locals who can supply them with the equipment they need. The only drawback is that you need to live in a popular tourist destination to attract any customers.

Rover is an app that lets you set your prices and offer additional services like doggy daycare, house sitting, and boarding. Many people are physically unable or too busy to go grocery shopping for themselves and would prefer to outsource this basic task to those who have the time. If you fall into the latter category, you can become a grocery shopper on Instacart. Most of us only use our car when we need to drive somewhere, and the rest of the time it gets left on the driveway.

Try making a listing on a Craigslist and see if anyone takes you up on the offer. Starting a snow removal service might be wishful thinking if you live in Florida, but for those who live in colder areas, it can be good business. When the weather forecast is predicting snow, advertise your services on Facebook ahead of time to let people know your rates; if you have lots of Facebook friends who live locally, some of them might just take you up on the offer. It can feel awkward asking for money if your neighbors expect you to work for free, but at the end of the day, snow removal is difficult manual labor you deserve to be reimbursed for.

An alternative to Craigslist is TaskRabbit , but the outcome is much the same. The site has a heavy focus on DIY and manual labor tasks, such as mounting a TV or assembling a desk — but there are also more basic jobs such as cleaning. Imagine getting paid for standing still and doing nothing. Unfortunately, the app is limited to New York. Just when you thought there was nothing else that the gig economy could help you to rent out, you were wrong: you can even rent out your friendship on RentAFriend.

It might sound sad, but go into the experience with an open mind and see what happens. Some people also have legitimate reasons for needing someone to accompany them to a wedding or social occasion at the last minute. Consultants are generally perceived as being credible, and starting a consultancy gives you the opportunity to expand into a business with employees rather than being a one-man show. As well as helping companies to manage their social accounts, you can give them advice on how to form a long-term social media strategy.

SEO consultants help with editing metadata tags, creating a content marketing strategy, and finding the relevant keywords for a certain topic or niche. You could end up evaluating systems, running tests, and giving advice to organizations about how to manage their technology. A popular niche within IT is cybersecurity due to the number of risks many companies perceive. People sometimes get mixed up between advertising, social media, and public relations. There is some overlap since PR professionals also deal with social media, but the main focus is on press releases, campaigns, and public image.

You can now run a recruitment consultancy online since all the key aspects of recruitment can be made digital: candidates simply need to upload their CV and you can match them with employers then conduct interviews by phone. Many modern recruitment agencies are operating completely online and contacting candidates by text to keep them informed about the job process. The life coach industry seems to be exploding recently, and the earning potential can be huge. Some of these niches are separate coaching roles in their own right. Many people are starting to understand the importance of investing in themselves to see bigger returns in the future by unleashing their potential, and one of the most popular ways to do this is by hiring a career coach.

Tasks involve helping clients to prepare for interviews, checking resumes, and offering general guidance about career direction.

A Beginner’s Guide to Monetizing a Hobby

Business coaching is particularly high-stakes; someone is paying you to give them advice, and if your advice goes wrong it could have potentially disastrous consequences. You no longer need to be talent-spotted by a fancy company or invest in your own professional equipment to become a designer.

How to Make Money Podcasting in 2019 (Podcast Monetization Tutorial)

Now you can upload your designs straight onto clothes, thanks to websites like Society6, Redbubble , and Cafepress. You can upload your designs on to everything from phone cases to framed prints to T-shirts; for many people, this is more accessible than starting an Etsy shop straightaway and can act as a useful stepping stone to test market demand. However, if you can find active users and monetize your app through purchases or adverts , the earnings can be significant.

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If you want to start out with a smaller project before you create a new app or SAAS, try making a WordPress theme instead. You can choose to release a free theme but make people pay extra for customizable features with the hope they will or a paid theme with customizable features included. If lots of people download your theme, it all starts to add up.

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Websites like BetterHelp and TalkSpace are revolutionizing the area by providing therapy appointments that take place entirely digitally by texting or video calls. Wedding planning is one of those jobs plenty of people dream of and others would find horrendous. Do you fit into the first category? It might not be as difficult as you think to make your dream a reality. With just a touch of extra confidence, you could take that to the next level by charging for your services. You could start small with local weddings then build up to club nights or other big events.

5 Tips For Planning a Wedding in Hurricane Season | Woman Getting Married

Be careful about which companies you sign up for; most will only give you free products in return for your time. However, there are a few sites that offer gift cards or money, such as Vindale Research and Pinecone Research. A more profitable option is to test websites rather than products. Because the work is slightly more difficult, the pay is usually quite good. Some sites that frequently have openings for search engine evaluators are Appen , Lionbridge , and iSoftStone. To help prepare for real juries, trial versions are often run, and many of these are held online.

120 Ways to Make Money

SurveyJunkie and InboxDollars are two more popular websites. Sign Up Now. The Nielsen Digital App lets you earn points for every hour you spend on your smartphone and get entered into sweepstakes too. Unsurprisingly, this comes in return for extracting data about your phone use habits.

Instead of letting them sit in your wallet until they reach their expiration date, why not cash in? Raise is a marketplace for buying and selling gift cards, usually at discounted prices. The full price would be nice, but something is better than nothing. Google and Microsoft both host rewards programs that pay you for completing tasks. The Google Opinion Rewards program involves surveys and sharing data about your internet and TV habits, whilst Microsoft Rewards offer points for a variety of activities including playing games and watching videos.

The Google program offers the chance to be paid in PayPal credit, whilst Microsoft only gives you credit to spend in the Microsoft store. FindFocusGroups and FocusGroup are two of the biggest websites for finding local focus groups.

Rain Insurance

Pretending to buy goods might sound easy enough, but it can be uncomfortable; mystery shoppers are often asked to pose as difficult customers to see how customer service staff react. Be careful of scams when looking for work as a mystery shopper — amongst the companies you can trust are Best Mark , Sinclair Customer Metrics , Market Force , and Intelli-shop. As well as earning the main cash prize, there are chances to earn smaller value gift cards from shops such as Amazon and Walmart. One of them is Small Business Knowledge SBK Center , a market research company that will pay you to have a peek into your email mailbox.

No matter how many referral offers you find, when you really need them you can never remember which companies had the offers. The films you have to record could include reviews in your home or the shopping experience in a supermarket. The hardest part about earning the money is figuring out which car manufacturers are currently offering the promotion. Just check the websites of car companies and look for a special promotions tab; this should let you know if there are any test drive offers. Another popular app is Ibotta , which lets you earn cashback either from scanning receipts or shopping online. Most of us are paying more than we should be for our bills; when energy companies lower their prices or offer new deals for new customers, their existing customers are left still paying the older prices.

Trim Price: FREE Lean on Trim's AI to identify and manage your recurring subscriptions, find savings with your daily expenses and even renegotiate your bills to save you money each month! Get Trim. Whether you are planning a public event such as a fair or parade, or a private beach-side wedding, you may want to protect yourself against financial loss with weather insurance. This is a specialty insurance product and it requires a knowledgeable agent. Your agent can review your needs, help you compare weather insurance quotes from several providers and find the coverage you need.

Contact a local member agent for assistance today. A basic weather insurance policy is designed to protect against a financial loss caused by adverse weather. For example, you may be interested in getting rain insurance for events such as:. Rain is typically the greatest concern for event hosts, but in some circumstances the trigger of coverage could be snow, fog, lightning, hail, wind or some combination of several different severe weather patterns.

Event rain insurance is normally structured to pay a claim if a certain amount of rain falls over a certain period of time. In other words, the rainfall does not necessarily have to be continuous. Or, a rain insurance policy can be structured to pay if rain occurs for a certain number of hours during a defined period, regardless of the actual amount of rainfall.

If you are planning a long term event, say a day fair, you can expect some rain over that period and it would not make economic sense to try to insure against any rain. But it might be wise to purchase rain insurance against an amount of rainfall that exceeds the average for your location and time of year. If you are planning an event and have a concern about weather risks, you need to give some thought to how severe an occurrence would need to be to cause you significant loss.

Would it take just a brief shower or would it take a sustained rainfall to cause your event to be cancelled or curtailed? Also, you need to consider the time during which rain would fall that could lead to a loss.