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Rather than censor our scene, we have chosen to perform our piece outside. It is clear that the state organization does have guidelines for performances at the showcase which differ from the guidelines that apply to competing works.

Mitchell Lippitt & Miranda Schieving (Duet Scene) - Colorado Thespian Convention 2013

It is certainly unfortunate that Garcia and McAdams were either unaware or not fully aware of them. I was surprised when Painter raised it 22 minutes into a 29 minute conversation; if it was central to the decision, it seems it should have been brought up as a factor much sooner. That is a poor example to set for students, teachers or parents — the work of authors cannot and should not be altered to meet the perceived need of an audience. That the festival has codified such actions in order to defend the festival against those who would dictate content to all is troubling, to say the least.

I will acknowledge that the State Festival organizers have challenges, not least the huge scale and popularity of their successful event. In that way, students whose schools permit them more latitude will be assured of both fair judging and the opportunity to perform. I have written before that I believe that school theatre is first and foremost for the students — not for their parents, their siblings or the general public. Students should have the opportunity to take on challenging work, contemporary as well as classic work.

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I asked them both how the impromptu performance went. He really got on board and once he got on board he was completely on the bull and he was just going at it. We just performed it, a whole lot of people came and it was a great experience. It still came out great, but not as good as it came out when we showed the piece for the first time in the competition.

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Ferro also felt the scene lost something. Garcia viewed it very differently.

How wrong was I? There were over kids standing on the lawn in their beautiful gowns and high heels going into the soil.

It was right out of a movie. This is such a wonderful moment right now. Addendum, April 15, pm : Upon reading this post, Lindsay Painter asked me to include the following information regarding the adjudication process. The judges are not encouraged or told to be concerned about the asterisks when providing a score and feedback. In fact, when I meet with them each morning of the festival, it is one of my main points I make.

The students of Florida should be receiving honest non-bias feedback from the professionals we hire to adjudicate. To suggest otherwise, in regards to how our organization has been handling the showcase is faulty. The judges have nothing to do with the showcase. They give us their picks for who the best in the room was, all regards to content aside and that makes-up the list for showcase. This is a Theatre Festival, not a competition. There is no prize, no winner. Each performance is provided an assessment. We showcase one piece from each room as a way to celebrate the work the students of Florida have brought to the festival.

And if they are not able to perform, an alternate does. This is the spirit of the festival. There is no placing or winning of the Florida State Thespian Festival.

THEIR WORLD'S A STAGE - The Washington Post

Only of presenting, receiving valuable feedback, and celebrating the work of the student artists. These students were not impacted in any way in the feedback or rating they received by the judges. They were given their superior. That is the highest honor they, or any student at the festival, can hope to achieve.

Students Perform Well at the State Thespian Festival

EdTA paid me an honorarium and provided me with round-trip travel to Cincinnati and accommodations while there. Thanks so much for writing this. Thank you. Excellent, thorough piece. Hooray for those boys. The scenes explore the most important relationships in life: friends, family and love. Anonymous is the story of every teenager: the new kid trying to fit in, the best friends, the love interests, the kid in the corner with their secret, individuals trying to belong.

Emotional Baggage A multi-award winning piece. The play is based solely on non-verbal storytelling through mask and movement. Seven strangers meet in a train station. A small platform downstage, one upstage, and some chairs. A Deep Poetic Journey into Something There are excellent movement opportunities here and a fantastic main character for a senior girl. The Reality of Code Reds.

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