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The Holy Spirit in us allows people in a dark and chaotic world to experience the love of God for themselves. Feb 25, Our world is broken, and only God's people can offer the hope it needs. In this message, Brad Cooper teac In this message, Brad Cooper teaches us that having a kingdom mentality is about bringing heaven to earth wherever we are Aug 27, In a special panel discussion, Brad Cooper, Dan Lian, and Clayton King use five fingers and scriptures about the laying on of hands to teach about the five things you can only get when you gather.

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Feb 3, Brook Hensley suffered an ear injury as a child. At Gauntlet, God healed her, and she heard the gentle whispe At Gauntlet, God healed her, and she heard the gentle whisper of His love. Nov 6, April 29, Then dozens witnessed the power Then dozens witnessed the power of audacious faith. Dec 27, Press play to hear how God's hope arrived Press play to hear how God's hope arrived for thousands to see. Nov 19, Oct 31, Abigail Johnson wanted to heal from her past. At Gauntlet she learned how.

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Don Stewart :: Should a Person Who Is Sick Seek Supernatural Healing?

Heidi Charalambous. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Everything You Need to Know About Luke healing bible luke bible need to know Is there an area of your life that feels broken?

Why do Christians pray? Is the Holy Spirit necessary?

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Having a Kingdom Mentality From Family Values Feb 25, heaven healing forgiveness worship Our world is broken, and only God's people can offer the hope it needs. Having a Kingdom Mentality. Five Touches.

How God restored my hearing and healed my heart Feb 3, healing community salvation gauntlet Brook Hensley suffered an ear injury as a child. How God restored my hearing and healed my heart. My gift to be healed.

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The prayer for a miracle to save our baby son Dec 27, healing miracles prayer health parenting Cassie and Rick Littlejohn's son clung to life in the NICU. The prayer for a miracle to save our baby son. But unwittingly, MacArthur's conclusion reinforced Luse's belief that it was God's heart for all to be healed.

Although in the Gospel of Mark Chapter 5 the story is told that Jesus could not heal people in Nazareth due to their lack of faith, everywhere else when people came to Jesus they were cleansed. Those like MacArthur who hold to cessationism — the belief that supernatural gifts of the Spirit like healing are no longer in operation today — and those who say that only some get healed, are effectively basing their theology of healing on personal experience and not on the authority of the Bible, particularly when one examines the life and character of Jesus, Luse says.

Luse told CP that he routinely ministers to people, praying for healing outside the four walls of the church, in coffee shops, restaurants, grocery stores and he sees God's healing presence manifest. As God shows up, his faith deepens that one day he would see all healed, and believes that is the standard set forth in Scripture for which the Church should aim. And the good news for Christians, he says, is that God has a habit of using flawed people to minister healing supernaturally.

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And people, even the godliest among them, are not the example. We can follow them, but in the ways they follow Jesus. He is the author and perfecter of our faith, the complete example of discipleship.

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This is the Jesus who meets us where we are, not another 'Jesus' or 'Christ' who distracts us from our simple devotion with a speaker's oration or prophet's effusions," Luse writes in Chapter 4, "The Power of Imperfection. Luse told CP that an objection he often hears is "What about people with bad theology, what about all these wackos? And we believe that the Holy Spirit put them in the Scriptures despite Peter betraying Jesus three times before the cross, and despite him basically walking over the Gospel and going back to Judaism, at least for a time.

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Lake, who lived from to and is widely considered the forerunner for the ministry of healing in modern times and one of today's most prominent Reformed theologians John Piper. Some Christians default to thinking anything. But knowing the person of Jesus is central, he reiterates. Jesus became more real in one moment, in a manger in Bethlehem, than the law was over hundreds of years. His method, if it could ever be called that, fiercely strips away religious methodology and refuses to be distracted by it.