How to Get Your Start in Club Promotion

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If you have an accountant to help, tell them everything.

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Get your returns in on time, and pay on time. It will save you heartache later on — trust me on this one. See you then! He has DJed across Europe, and nowadays lives in southern Spain where he plays Balearic beach sundowners on the weekends. Creative Structure for a Unforgettable Mix. How to Launch a Club Night — Part 2. How to launch a Club Night: Part 1. Business of DJing.

How to Start a Business in Nightclub Promotion

By Phil Morse On Oct 17, Digital dj tips how to Phil morse promoting start a club night Tips. You might also like More from author. Advanced DJ Tips. Basic DJ Tips. Drop your email address here, we'll send you news, tutorials, and special offers once a week. More Stories. Sep 14, Sep 6, Sign in. Likes Followers Subscribers Followers.

The Ultimate Guide to DJ Marketing: How to Promote Yourself as a DJ

Then, cultivate a social media presence and create a website that reflects your brand and vision. Finally, reach out to potential customers with email campaigns, flyers, posters, and magazine ads! For tips on networking, read on! This article was co-authored by Michael R.

Michael R.

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Lewis is a retired corporate executive, entrepreneur, and investment advisor in Texas. Categories: Business by Industry.

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Learn why people trust wikiHow. Co-authored by Michael R. Lewis Updated: March 29, There are 14 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. Gain experience in promotional work. Before starting a promotion company, you'll want to gain some experience in the area. One way to do so is to spend a few years working in an existing promotion company to learn the ropes and establish contacts. This will allow you to witness a number of large promotional campaigns from inception to end and build your experience, as well as your professional network.

You will also avoid assuming any personal financial risk for shows when you work with a large company. However, working with a large company is not the only path to success. You can also start with an artist or set of small events and then build your career from there.

Working on your own places you in charge, with all of the associated risks and rewards that come from that. Decide which market niche you want to focus on. Some promotion companies specialize in entertainer promotions, while others specialize in branding and promoting products or companies. Determine whether you want to focus on event coordination, television and radio guest appearances, marketing materials and distribution, or ticket sales.

You can also offer all of these services as a comprehensive package if you have the right connections. You can also start in one area in which you can find work and expand from there as your career progresses. For example, it is relatively easier to get work producing promotional materials than as an event promoter. Once you have established yourself with effective marketing materials, you can branch out from there. Investigate the competition. Look for other promotion companies in your area that serve your chosen niche. If there are major promotion companies in your area that cover one specific area, you may have to reassess your strategy and choose a niche that still has potential for a new player.

You can then look at similar companies' pricing models so that you can figure out a pricing strategy for your own. Draw up your business plan. This will not only serve as a blueprint for the start up of your promotion company, but also as a reference tool to periodically review your company's performance. Include your investment costs, client acquisition strategy, business associates, and projected income for the first two or three years of operation. You also need to include your startup costs, services offered, and strategies utilized. Your strategy section might include, for example, a timeline of your preparations made before an event.

Write in a marketing analysis section that includes your target demographic, an analysis of the industry, and an assessment of the local market for your services. Raise the investment money you need. Luckily, starting a promotion company does not require a large amount of startup money. You can easily work from home with a laptop and phone in the beginning if you're willing to meet with clients at their location.

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You may also need a varying amount of money to buy promotional materials, pay venue advance payments, and for other incidental expenses, depending on your services offered. If you are printing promotional materials, you will also need a printer or money to pay a printing service.

Reduce your capital needs by looking for venues without large advance deposits, working on word-of-mouth advertising, and keeping ad spending low. Register your promotion company.

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Register with you city using a doing business as DBA name. You'll receive a business license, after which you can legally start doing business. Check with your local chamber of commerce to see if there are any special permits or licenses you need.

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If you are founding an actual company, like an LLC or partnership, you will need to decide on a structure for it. Many others are still sat in their bedrooms wondering what they did wrong. This is one major reasons to get into promoting or throwing parties. My own experiences made me understand why certain things happen, and even why the industry is a slave to the consumer.

Getting involved in event promotion is also a good way to network. Another reason is probably what drives many into event promotion. They want to be able to market and push a scene and sound not found in their neck of the woods.

How To Promote Events & Throw Your Own Parties: Part 1

The goal and hope of course is to grow the event to a degree that those DJs can now go from gig to gig and freely play music the way they like, with a scene backing them up. I know this seems like a contradiction to the idea of getting involved in all this, but learn from my mistake and the mistake of many others, throwing events just to have a place for you to play is a one-way ticket to failure.

Throughout this series I am going to be pounding into your head the idea of putting the headphones aside and thinking beyond the considerations of a DJ in order to build success. It was a lesson a respected promoter and DJ told me long ago. Think about goals. Why do you want out of throwing events? Is it just to make a name for yourself as a DJ? Or just to make money?

source url Or simply have a fun night? The best practice is to set one primary goal, and bear in mind other goals might conflict with that.