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Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Equal to men in both their bravery and in the sacrifices they made, the female undercover operatives of the Second World War deserve to have their incredible stories told.

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Product Details About the Author. About the Author Robyn Walker is a teacher-librarian and historian.

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The book covers diesel locos from Class 20s up to the most powerful Class GWR Portrait of an Industry. Incorporated by Act of Parliament in and completed just six years later, the Great Spanning Southern England from Hertfordshire Secrets and Spies. Skulduggery in the Home Counties!

Secrets and Spies in Stevenage

Explosives could be disguised in any number of ways, some more convincing than others. But there were other, possibly less successful variations, too.

One such invention was the Welman submarine, a foot-long, one-person submersible craft. The Royal Navy and the Special Boat Service were initially impressed by it, but the Welman sub was difficult to pilot.


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Consequently, it fell out of favor. More successful was the Welbike, a small and easily assembled motorcycle with a two-stoke engine. It could be fitted inside a parachute container about four feet long for delivery to agents in the field.


And it went on to become the prototype for the Corgi motor scooter , which went into production after the war. Its nickname supposedly came about after an officer found Reeves asleep inside his invention. Now we know why.