Every Other Twin Book is Wrong: 15 Tips on Twin Pregnancy, Infancy, and Toddler Times

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Who's going to get up in the middle of the night? And how does each of you feel about letting a baby cry? I did a lot of single parenting , felt lost as a new mom, and had no time for taking care of my own exercise needs post- pregnancy. It takes time to adjust. And if that adjustment is not a team effort, it can cause tension that will impact the whole family for years to come.

Before the baby is born, create a schedule of day care drop-offs and pick-ups, planned down time, and date nights. The first year of a new baby's life requires a huge level of adaptation on the part of parents, Kirst says. Learning to respond and adapt to the issues babies bring to your life can be life-enhancing.

If I'm obese and pregnant is it too late to reduce these risks?

You learn to think on your feet. Gold suggests writing down baby's feeding, sleeping, and crying habits. It will help you identify patterns and give you a record you can use for instructing caregivers. Jennifer Shu, pediatrician and co-author of Heading Home With Your Newborn , says to "only put on your regular to-do list tasks that absolutely have to get done.


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Shu says, "If it doesn't get done, your family's health, safety, and well-being would be at risk. Outsource things that you dread doing -- yard work, grocery shopping , laundry -- or that can be done just as well by someone else. Singer seconds that notion, saying, "They'll appreciate helping and you'll appreciate the break. Sign up for a meal delivery service for the first year or even the first month if financially feasible. Prepared meals are nutritionally balanced, healthy, and tasty, and they provide variety. They also eliminate the need for grocery shopping , menu planning, and cooking.

Likewise, stock up on takeout menus.

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You're entitled to a whole year to rebalance your family around the baby. Online forums provide a sanity check for new parents, but beware of information overload. Parents need to keep in mind that not everything they read is reliable or a good fit for their family. Shoshana Bennett is a clinical psychologist and author of Postpartum Depression for Dummies. She says dates every other week "like clockwork" can keep a relationship ticking. Mom can slip out of sweats and into silk to aid in the transition.

Making sure to laugh is mom Karen Deerester's strategy. It's not that you want to stay awake. It's just that in a large part of that first year, sleep is a rare commodity. Sleep When Baby Sleeps. Sleeping when the baby sleeps is time-tested advice, and it works. Bennett says, " Sleep is a medical necessity even for new moms. The one on duty can sleep with the baby; the other one in a separate part of the home with a white noise machine and earplugs.

Even nursing mothers can protect their brain chemistry from crashing as long as they get a few uninterrupted hours of sleep each night. Neal Patrick, father of two and a vice president of marketing, says he and his wife survived the first year with the use of a "night nurse" a few times a week. When the second child was almost due, we were able to find a pair of RNs who needed some extra money. This one thing allowed us to feel refreshed in the morning -- at least for two days -- and able to keep up with two little ones!

Babies don't notice dirty dishes in the sink or laundry piled high.

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Let things slide in exchange for taking a break or catching some ZZZs. A baby burrito is a special way to wrap a baby in a blanket so he or she feels more secure and may sleep better. You can find instructions for how to do it online. Singer says to work with your pediatrician to get baby to sleep through the night.

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The first time around, we took shifts throughout the night, one of us getting up for the 2 a. We were both sleep deprived and cranky all the time.

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The second time around, she says, they got smarter. One took Monday night and the other took Tuesday night. In this way, one of us always got a good night's sleep. Then, if the opportunity presented itself to take the boys out of the house the next day, the parent who did the 'night shift' might even work in a nap.

Here are four reasons why adoptive parents need parental leave and what you can do to help:

Everyone knows exercise is good for stress. But just exactly how do you manage to get a good workout, when you've got so much to do taking care of a baby?