Don’t Go to Law School (50 Reasons)

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Legal Talk Network. Friend's Email Address. I agree, Nadia. How can anyone look at the numbers on pro se litigants and think there are too many lawyers out there? But the problem that lawyers have now is getting paid.

5 Reasons Not to Get a Law Degree

Part of the solution to this whole problem has got to be law school reform and a decrease in education costs. I believe there is still great value in a legal education, but J. Many individuals are opting out of college for this reason. It is a sad day,I am certain that I would make a fine Attorney. I like all of what you said. A lot of the literature make it seem like becoming a lawyer with adequate employment is very daunting,I am really saddened and disappointed because this is what I am strongly interested in doing.

I enjoy studying the law and having legal knowledge. I would love to help people at a affordable rate,it is not about the capital for me. I desire financial security, but I could spend almost every waking moment assisting clients. Thanks CNF. I am not against one getting a legal education if they are truly passionate about it. I just think people contemplating law school should know about the adversity that will likely await them after law school.

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The adversity is my fear,at present I am experiencing this with a Masters Degree and for this very reason I have not applied for Law school;however I am extremely passionate about it. Agree with the other comments.

Should you go to law school over 30? Is It Too Late At 50? Non-traditional Students & LSAT Studying

Get real. I went to law school, graduated in , and no jobs to apply to at all. Other Attorneys are willing to help. Such arrogance. I get that experience matters, but it can be gained through collegiality. The rest will, and there are plenty out there. People like the writer of this article should just step aside and stop giving law school grads nothing but discouraging words.

The market is adjusting, and applications to law schools are on the decline.

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Oh, and by the way…. The example he gives of an incompetent solo is silly. The information is there to learn and there are plenty of attorneys who are willing to mentor someone who has no idea what they are doing. If you or anyone deciding to go solo out of law school can receive that type of guidance from your mentors, then great.

You and your clients will be satisfied and the legal profession will benefit.

'Why law?' It's the question every would-be law student dreads | Law | The Guardian

Do you think the woman who was subpoenaing medical records without subpoena power knew she was breaking the law? These sorts of issues are not a failure of being an inexperienced lawyer, rather it is a failure of the law school education. But I know myself and many of my classmates had already handled many aspects of cases before we graduated, whether it was through externships, law clinic, or clerking jobs. That is where attorneys can be sued on malpractice.

Get the meds. Mike — If you were discouraged by my words, I apologize.

To prove my point, a lawyer out of law school who is not well-trained may ignore a problem which, in this case, is simply a supply and demand problem and instead, make personal attacks. Those personal attacks usually lack merit. For instance, one may attack me as being corporate-minded though I run a small practice dedicated to representing individuals and families. In the last few months alone, I have been called upon on three occasions to speak to young lawyers on various subjects related to trial advocacy. I do agree with you that just because a lawyer has experience does not mean he is capable.

Thanks for this information. While I do agree with a majority of your post, I have to take some exception with your comments about hanging a shingle straight out of law school. I worked for a firm for less than 6 months, then joined the public defender where I was handling cases in court on day one. Then I started my own law firm. I do have a question about your comments.

I presume that the young lawyers who hear you speak are the ones that seek you out when they run into trouble? At that point — are you merely mentoring these lawyers with their case, or are you coming on board as co-counsel or possibly taking over the cases entirely?

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Thanks James. So when young lawyers come to me with problems after they have run into trouble in a personal injury case, I do my best to get them on the right track. To date, I have never joined them as co-counsel on a case or taken one over completely. In full disclosure, I probably would. However, the main point of the article is to get potential law students to REALLY think hard about going to law school.

You sound like you take things way too personally. I would stay the hell away from trial practice if I were you. The author is giving advice based on his experience. Attack the merit of his argument instead of him personally. Take them at face value. You graduated in , but are quick to condemn the opinion of someone who is much more experienced without any real facts to back it up. Your own personal experience does not necessarily represent that of most recent law school grads around the country.

Good attorneys know how to maintain composure and communicate persuasively without sounding offended or vindictive in their communications. Learn this skill and learn it fast. Lol,thanks I feel a little better after reading your post.

5 reasons why law school is wrong for you (and 5 reasons why it's right) - ABA for Law Students

Who will fill the shoes after the older lawyers die or retire??? But then I noticed that you started your legal career in , which means you must have made your decision to go to law school in or so.

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  • In other words, you decided to go to law school in the middle of a really bad recession in the legal services market. Do you think things are categorically different this time around? Or would you give yourself the same advice if you could send a message back to ? I recall most of my classmates had a job lined up within a reasonable time after passing the bar exam. I may have been to stubborn to listen.

    They were even better in the period. Good ole law school stats. I remember them well. The ones that show mostly everyone is employed at near rock star salaries. But employed doing what?

    • “I want to be like Jack McCoy from Law & Order [or insert your favorite legal TV show character].”.
    • 5 Reasons Not to Get a Law Degree - CBS News;
    • Work/hands-on experience!
    • Maybe a dead end job with someone taking advantage and paying minimal wages? And who reports their salaries? Mostly the folks making fat pay checks. I see that you graduated 1st in your law class, then did a prestigious judicial clerkship for a couple of years before you got into BIG LAW for 5 years. Bart — Would it be your advice for a person out of college with limited funds, not much of a passion for the law or law school and a weak stomach for a dismal legal job market to currently go to law school?

      Whatever their flaws, those NALP stats seem useful for noting trends and comparing eras. So I thought you probably have some wisdom to share with the folk unlucky enough be graduating nowadays. That should be your next post! My only worry about your advice is that it may be mis-timed. Surely this advice would have been airtight four years ago, when college graduates were flocking to the presumed safe harbor of law school.

      But now you may be discouraging outstanding people from entering the profession based on trends large graduating classes and bad job prospects that have perhaps already bottomed out.