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As the accounts circulated, more and more children came forward, saying that they too saw the butterfly people.

Some say they believe that the butterfly people were angels; others called them an indescribable presence. The December prior to the storm, mural artist Dave Loewenstein visited Joplin to scout a site for his next project. He returned to Joplin that June to visit with the Cultural Affairs Committee and see what the future held for his latest location on his Community Mural Project. It was in a town meeting held to generate ideas for the mural that the artist first heard of the butterfly people.

More than two hundred volunteers worked with Loewenstein and the mural designers to create the scene painted on the side of Dixie Printing, which sits halfway between downtown and the center of destruction from the tornado. Two hundred of those volunteers were local children from the community.

Loewenstein had them draw pictures, which would serve as inspiration for the project. Is here. Anyway, this is not about him—. Sister-in-my-head-Alice replied, softening. Stop right there, Als. I shook my head at her, only half-smiling. Grabe, ano? Just look at that. No, not do-not. The word sounded harsh to my Waray ears, and too much like kunot, same stress, second syllable: a violent twisting, a forceful crushing.

Exactly how it felt in my stomach, as I saw more of the city. Leveled, stripped of any trace of vegetation.

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Brown and gray, and soggy in some parts, dry and flat in others. The wreckage that outlined the coast reminded me of miniature model houses I once saw angrily trampled on by a kid throwing a massive tantrum. Could be. The point is, in a tantrum, nothing, no one, is spared. Just like what this angry typhoon did. It made sure not to leave any room for exaggeration indeed. I was positive I identified the playground, Plaza Libertad, near the Capitol, and what looked like the fallen statues of the giant Snow White and some of her outsized dwarves.

Just as well, it was hard to make sense of the landscape anyway. Familiar structures no longer stood. And even if the house survived, what then? It had ceased to be ours, it had ceased to even be a house, a long time ago. More words came to me. Waray for bright, dazzling , I wrote. No trees, no shade. I took notes rapidly, as I continued to see more.

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Breaking down the images into bullet points seemed a good way of keeping pinned to the official task at hand, helped to make sense of the scene that greeted us as the massive door of the plane was pulled down. American military personnel. UN Refugee Agency. Australian troops. Malaysian medics. Yes, please. From Remains. Johnny Pusong is a character in Eastern Visayas comic folklore noteworthy for his impertinence, impudence, and silliness. They need light, an obstacle to protect them from that light, and a surface to pick them up. Man and his shadow are like Siamese brothers, but no one knows if a shadow can live without its master or a man without his shadow.

He was a reddish, crying, screaming baby.

Xixi Zhi Yu

I was already prettier than he was, neither reddish nor wrinkled. While he screamed his head off in the crib, I rested calm and quiet, like a well-mannered shadow. He had to learn everything.

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Like a good parasite I fed on him, and I thought that with time we could come to resemble each other more closely and understand each other better. When he became a man he acquired a very defined and stable temperament and shape. I, on the other hand, became more and more capricious and temperamental. I follow him everywhere and never lose sight of him; he rarely notices me.

At night, when we go out for a walk, I need to be everywhere and turn constantly around him. This constant rush to make myself long, short, and split in two is exhausting. When we go to bed, I barely sleep. Juan Manuel turns off the light. Plus, he dreams. Dreams give continuity to his life, because he often remembers them in the morning.

I live alone, have few friends, and enjoy my independence. My girlfriend ran away with another man. I had never noticed it before. One day he was sitting in an armchair in the den, a bottle in his hand, with me curled up at his feet; he looked at me, surprised, as if seeing his shadow for the first time.

His words frightened me, because people should not speak to their shadows. And I was right. That day was the beginning of a long nightmare.

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I realized that my skulduggery made him nervous. Sunday I decided to visit Pedro, who lives in the suburbs. It was a nice afternoon for a drive. I took a curve and had the strange feeling a car was trying to overtake me. I turned around and saw a gray spot silently speeding beside me on the highway. The car and its driver mingled into a single mass. A centaur galloped across my view. I moved a little toward the middle of the highway, and my pursuer did the same.

Since no one was coming from the opposite direction, I moved a little farther to the left to push the other car against the markers bordering the route. Unfazed, the spot began to swallow and spit with the regularity of a metronome. I accelerated to try to leave it behind. But it was no use. I accelerated more. One day Juan Manuel decided to go see a friend who lives in the suburbs. He took his convertible out of the garage, and we left. I settled comfortably in my big gray spot to follow him. In the beginning everything went well, despite his driving too close to the middle of the highway.

Then he accelerated, trying to leave me behind. The crash was violent. I woke up in the hospital. Someone was standing next to my bed, bending over me. I opened my eyes: no one was there.

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The only thing above me was the ceiling. I managed to half sit up by leaning on an elbow. The other patient did the same thing on the wall. It was him.

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I greeted him with a hand gesture which he courteously returned. When I lay back again and closed my eyes, I had the feeling once more of someone leaning over my bed. I hesitated to open my eyes, since my desire to surprise him was mixed with a certain anxiety. Suddenly I made up my mind, and again: nothing.

I turned around, there he was resting on the wall, unconcerned about me.

Xixi Zhi Yu

As soon as I closed my eyes, I again felt I was being observed. This time I was faster. I was startled: a nurse was standing next to me.