CONSCIOUS FITNESS: From Limited Beliefs To Mindful Health

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She found that if she could stay with the loneliness and be gentle with herself, the craving passed. Investigating means calling on our natural curiosity—the desire to know truth—and directing a more focused attention to our present experience.

Simply pausing to ask, what is happening inside me? You might ask yourself: What most wants attention? How am I experiencing this in my body?

Become a Conscious Creator

Or What am I believing? What does this feeling want from me? You might notice hollowness or shakiness, then discover a sense of unworthiness and shame masked by those feelings. Unless you bring them into awareness, your unconscious beliefs and emotions will control your experience and perpetuate your identification with a limited, deficient self. About ten years ago I entered a period of chronic illness. During one particularly challenging period of pain and fatigue, I became discouraged and unhappy.

In my view I was terrible to be around—impatient, self-absorbed, irritable, gloomy. I began working with RAIN to recognize these feelings and judgments and to consciously allow the unpleasantness in my body and emotions to just be there. Not only was I struggling with illness, I was at war with the self-centered, irritable person I believed I had become. Unknowingly, I had turned on myself and was held captive by the trance of unworthiness.

But in that moment of recognizing and allowing the suffering of self-hatred, my heart began to soften with compassion. Imagine while walking in the woods you see a small dog sitting by a tree.

CONSCIOUS FITNESS: From Limited Beliefs To Mindful Health (First

You bend down to pet it and it suddenly lunges at you, teeth bared. Initially you might be frightened and angry. But then you notice one of its legs is caught in a trap, buried under some leaves.

How to change your limiting beliefs for more success - Dr. Irum Tahir - TEDxNormal

Immediately your mood shifts from anger to concern. This applies to all of us.

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The more we investigate the source of our suffering, the more we cultivate a compassionate heart toward ourselves and others. When I recognized how my leg was in a trap—sickness compounded with self aversion— my heart filled with sorrow and genuine self-care.

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  • The investigating deepened as I gently put my hand over my heart—a gesture of kindness— and invited whatever other feelings were there to surface. A swell of fear uncertainty for my future spread through my chest, followed by an upwelling of grief at losing my health. When the intention to awaken self love and compassion is sincere, the smallest gesture—even if, initially, it feels awkward— will serve you well.

    Compassion arises naturally when we mindfully contact our suffering and respond with care.

    As you practice the RAIN of Self-Compassion, experiment and see which intentional gesture of kindness most helps to soften or open your heart. Many people find healing by gently placing a hand on the heart or cheek; others, in a whispered message of care, or by envisioning being bathed in warm, radiant light. What matters is that once you have investigated and connected with your suffering, respond by offering care to your own heart.

    Natural loving awareness occurs when identification with the small self is loosened. This practice of non-identification means that our sense of who we are is not fused with any limiting emotions, sensations, or stories. We begin to intuit and live from the openness and love that express our natural awareness.

    Though the first three steps of RAIN require some intentional activity, the N is the treasure: A liberating homecoming to our true nature. The RAIN of Self-Compassion is not a one-shot meditation, nor is the realization of our natural awareness necessarily full, stable, or enduring. Rather, as you practice you may experience a sense of warmth and openness, a shift in perspective. You can trust this!

    Conscious Fitness

    RAIN is a practice for life—meeting our doubts and fears with a healing presence. Each time you are willing to slow down and recognize, oh, this is the trance of unworthiness… this is fear… this is hurt…this is judgment…, you are poised to de-condition the old habits and limiting self-beliefs that imprison your heart. A friend of mine was sitting with her dying mother while she was in a coma. They inspired her to dedicate herself to the mindfulness and self-compassion that frees us.

    We each have the conditioning to live for long stretches of time imprisoned by a sense of deficiency, cut off from realizing our intrinsic intelligence, aliveness, and love. The greatest blessing we can give ourselves is to recognize the pain of this trance, and regularly offer a cleansing rain of self-compassion to our awakening hearts. The world needs more of these. As a small, dedicated non-profit, Mindful brings compassion and connection into the hearts, homes, and communities of millions of our readers. If you find value and meaning in what we do and would like to help make the world more mindful, please subscribe to Mindful today.

    Additionally, we have a low profile outside obstacle course where you can really get a workout. Swimming is available at a nearby lakeside beach in the summer for members only. You receive a total fitness program at our center. Bob Krueger is a retired Lt Col and former military pilot who flew the KC aerial refueler during most of his career. During this time, he was often his units athletic officer and was responsible for his units fitness testing. As a result of his career, he has had the opportunity to visit gyms all over the world and uses all his military experiences in his businesses today.

    He was personally trained at that time by Dr. Fred Hatfield the world record holder for the squat in his weight class at 1, lb.

    Has the science of mindfulness lost its mind?

    During this time, Bob had the pleasure of being trained by Chris Evans, former Mr. He also holds additional certifications as a corrective exercise specialist, fitness nutrition specialist, and a performance enhancement specialist. He is highly qualified in human movement science, muscle imbalances and correction, injury prevention and recovery, and in working with semi-pro and high school athletes.