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Book Overview Author Info and Events. As well as key business terms, the dictionary also contains a number of general English terms, which will help you to communicate in all situations, whether in a business meeting or socializing with colleagues. More than just a dictionary, this helpful language tool also includes tips on some of the cultural pitfalls to watch out for when doing business overseas.

Language boxes throughout the dictionary provide extra help with building natural-sounding sentences in English. In addition, there is a supplement on useful phrases for business, plus an explanation of the most common business euphemisms and what they really mean. The title also includes a guide to writing for business, to help you to communicate successfully in a range of business situations. The dictionary is practical and easy to understand, with simple definitions and corpus examples of real English taken from the Collins Business Corpus.

Its size makes it portable, and the clear, accessible colour layout makes it easy to find the information you are looking for quickly.

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Other Works by Be More Dolly by. There are many other ways in which technology has changed the way business people communicate. Companies create wikis in order to run cross-border projects. With sufferers of Blackberry thumb checking and sending e-mails in restaurants, I wonder if differing rules of etiquette are emerging. Virtual worlds Could you imagine having a corporate meeting in Second Life? dictionary :: business English :: English-German translation

IBM can. Giving a presentation in a virtual world is now second nature for some.

Dressing your avatar as a Viking to attend a Nokia meeting sounds funny. Building a prototype hotel, and getting feedback from virtual guests is serious stuff. And saves you millions.

The second part will show how technology is changing every aspect of a business English course, from the online test and the needs analysis, through course delivery face-to-face, blended or online to the very materials we use print or digital. I need to go now and prepare the rest of the plenary. Oh yes, social networking is great for brainstorming before an important presentation.

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So, if anyone has any other ideas about how technology has changed the way we communicate in the business world, please comment on this blog post. Or tweet.

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  • Or Facebook me. Is Facebook a verb yet? According to the Macmillan Dictionary it is!

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    I assume that this blog post is a little older now but in the age of Trump, it is clear that politicians and business people can get their message across via Twitter and Facebook if they can rise above the noise. Too many accounts just post links. At least Trump knows the force and power of communication.