Blood Sisters

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Louis Youth Poet Laureate read their poems. Tonyo and Carrie also announce their engagement. In The Blood Sisters , the story revolves around nine characters who appear in almost every scene. They are the triplets Erika, Carrie and Agatha, separated as infants, who reunite under the most complicated circumstances, and are embroiled in strife and conflicts with one another. The 3 love interests are Samuel a successful doctor in love with Erika; Rainier, Greg's illegitimate son,and Agatha's lover; Tonyo, Erika's best friend in love with Carrie. Three characters create the hostility in the story arcs: Andrea, Rocco, and Fabian.

Andrea is the triplets' cousin who wants to usurp all the Bermudezes wealth; Rocco is Fabian's abandoned son who seeks vengeance on his father; and Fabian merciless Syndicate leader who despises his son's deformed face. She blames her loss and unhappiness on Adele, directing her anger towards her throughout. His deceit adversely impacts everyone's lives.

Rosemarie is the Bermudez matriarch, driven by greed and power, destroying lives without any moral conscience. Sahara is Rocco's sister, loyal only to her brother, and despises Agatha. Greg is Rocco's half brother, the ruthless son of Patron.

The Blood Sisters (TV series) - Wikipedia

Together with his father, their goal is to eliminate Erika who they blame for their downfall. Unlike her twins, Erika lived a dangerous life since her juvenile years. Despite the environment she was in, she remains simple and kind.

A sophisticated and loving sister to Erika and daughter to Adele, Norman, and Debbie. Her stepmother, Debbie loved her completely even after she learned that she was not her biological daughter. European-educated and the most successful among her sisters. She is resentful, insatiable and a rebellious sister to Carrie and Erika.

Blood Sisters

Agatha has a complicated relationship towards her mother, Adele. His family is one of the biggest investors of the Bermudez Medical Center. His father Manuel Hechanova is a co-founder of the hospital. Although he was originally in love with Carrie, he develops feelings for Erika as the story progresses. He helps Erika find her son when Jolo was kidnapped, and later obtains information of Rosemarie's involvement in his father's death. He obtains evidence of Fabian admitting to getting his father killed. He later gets shot by Rocco. He dies in the hospital, but not before proposing to Erika.

Agatha's lover, he is the illegitimate son of the Syndicate's head of operations Greg. Brenda despises Rainier and wants to take him out of the picture. Rainier is tasked to find Erika and the ledger. He is cunning, manipulative, and arrogant. He later develops feelings for Agatha.

He is Rocco's nephew. Later, he, together with Greg's wife Brenda and daughters, dies in an ambush planned by Rocco and Sahara. Erika's childhood best friend in Manila. Tonyo takes care of Erika's son and Uncle Bruce after Erika flees the syndicate. He finds the Paraiso ledger and gives it to Erika for safekeeping. He later develops feelings for Carrie. In the end, he and Carrie are engaged. The treacherous socialite cousin of the triplets, with ambitions to steal all Rosemarie's wealth. She hates Rosemarie for maltreating her and her parents and plots to kill Rosemarie and take over her operations.

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Just like her "cousin" Agatha, Andrea seeks power and wealth but the two characters are constantly in conflict. Adopted by Dr. Rosemarie Bermudez, she is frustrated by the presence of the triplets, who she considers detriment to her goals. She tries to kill her grandmother and blames the failed deed on Erika. Despite their shared goals, Andrea hates Agatha. Together with her mother, they plan to steal all their family's wealth from the Bermudezes.

But she is too late, she admits to Debbie that she pushes Mamita, because she has a loss of help from Rosemarie.

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Later, she apologizes to Rosemarie, but forgiven. Rocco is Sahara's half brother and a criminal. He is the Patron's illegitimate who abandons him when he was still a child due to his severely disfigured face. He has never forgiven his father for abandoning him, and plots to destroy Fabian and his family.

Growing into an adult, he undergoes facial reconstruction, resulting into a new face and identity altogether.

Blood Sisters

He is responsible for the explosion that destroys the Paraiso. He will do everything to take Paraiso from Fabian as revenge. He befriends Erika to gain her trust, and information about the Patron, and secretly partners with Agatha as they plot to take over the baby farm. He successfully executes his first revenge on Fabian by ambushing and killing Greg's family, effectively cutting off the Patron's powerful right-hand man.

He successfully bombs Paraiso and takes over the Solomon syndicate, leading the child trafficking and kidnapping ring. In the end, both Carrie and Erika spray fire on Rocco's face, making his face disfigured again, and he got injured by fallen steel bars. Now he will be jailed in prison forever, suffering the excruciating pain from the amputation of both of his legs after he got injured from fruitlessly dealing with the triplets.

The original concept of the show is about non-identical twins generally assumed to be played by Erich Gonzales and Louise delos Reyes. However, the production unit decided to go with entertainment head Deo Endrinal's idea of recreating the hit TV series, and rehashing the subplot of Saan Ka Man Naroroon where Claudine Barretto played triplets with distinct contrasting characteristics. As a result of the concept's drastic change, Erich Gonzales was retained to play the role of the triplets while Louise delos Reyes joined Asintado. The first teaser, launched in December , caught the attention of the public due to the obvious similarity with Claudine's previous show, including casting Cherry Pie Picache , who in both series played the biological mother of the triplets.

Jojo Saguin, the director of the series, clarified that while the inspiration of the show is similar, the series will have an additional twist: tackle the issue of surrogacy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Drama Crime Mystery.

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A former Meadow Brook Writing Project fellow, she facilitates workshops for their writing camps. Unflinchingly honest, surprisingly tender, these poems spare neither the children themselves nor the adults who should be their protectors. The memorable language and vitality of Blood Sisters will reverberate long after you have finished this book.

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Through bold, evocative lyrical narratives, she delivers her carnal and spiritual truths—as hard-hitting as they are tender, as rebellious as they are revelatory. Her voice is rich, her imagery sharp and accessible, and her heart, right there on her sleeve in vivid and generous human color. Mom rushed the cabin door,. I told her everything. The daughter settled onto a rotten redwood stump, her toes rubbed raw from digging them in the crushed.

A breeze from the lake bit her bare shoulders, pricked the baby. Today she toyed.