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This process must be given from ordinary education, since it should not distinguish between students with disabilities or not, or other conditions of development. From a universal environment, attention must be paid to everyone, to all of them. In Ecuador, several alternatives have been designed to contribute to educational inclusion.

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This work deals with the legal basis of this process, its status in Ecuador and the need to develop it from the attention to the educational needs of students with autism spectrum disorder. ABSTRACT : The main objective of the work is to analyze the relationship between family, school and community in the formation of ethical and moral values. The family is the fundamental nucleus of society, the essential center of psycho-social development and personality, as well as of culture, religion and language, and today, the communication boom driven by technological advance has impacted the bonds between the individuals that now have the nuclei of communication as sustenance and therefore transcends the traditional kinship relationships.

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The knowledge society generates power relations that displace traditional institutions, school, family or community, constituting a challenge for pedagogy. TITLE: Approach to technopedagogical problematization of the research competence mediated by technologies. ABSTRACT: This article addresses the current problem between the training of research skills of the university teacher and Information and Communication Technologies as technological resources, viable for scientific research, as a function to fulfill in the pedagogical professional performance.

Its objective is to present a pedagogical strategy for the formation of research competence mediated by ICT, from an approach of techno-pedagogical problematization in the context of the process of permanent professional formation of the teacher of Higher Education. A qualitative methodology was used with the application of theoretical methods.

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The strategy is formed by training actions and procedures that contribute to enhance and improve the quality of the research activity of university teachers. Impact on the Learning Process. ABSTRACT: For the proposal that we present, an in-depth analysis was developed with a quantitative and qualitative methodological approach of the elements found both in the bibliographic review carried out and in the documentary component used. We worked with a representative sample of the Technical University of Babahoyo, making it possible to demonstrate the need to implement management mechanisms that allow the application of a superior quality system.

The integration of the substantive and support processes are determinant in the management system of the educational institutions at this level in correspondence with the purposes of UNESCO related to the university in the community. TITLE: Education, science and knowledge culture for the development of social computerization technologies.

ABSTRACT: This work reflects the integration of the contributions of education, science and knowledge culture considered as basic foundations that activate the development of social computerization technologies, which are manifested in the strategic will of the state, away from spontaneity and improvisation. It reaffirms the imperative need to dynamize this process as a way that reinforces the teleological dimension of the state in the scope of the general welfare of the population.

ABSTRACT: The way we communicate has been innovated with technology, especially in educational settings, generating changes from the traditional classroom to virtual classrooms; in this context, we have virtual platforms: commercial, non-commercial or free software, and own software. Commercial platforms are acquired through purchase, like any good or service; the following platforms are freely used on the web, in the case of requiring other services, the respective payment is made. The own software platforms arise from the own institutional needs, being developed in the institution by multidisciplinary work teams.

It is recommended the use of non-commercial virtual platforms because of their gratuity on the web, which includes certain technological limitations. This article collects part of the results of a project on the implementation of the management policies of Information Technology IT in the management of the Technical University of Machala UTMach , its purpose is to characterize it. The methods of scientific observation, hermeneutics, documentary and statistical review were employed; an in-depth interview was applied to teachers and officials for the collection of information, which allowed to determine that the implementation of technologies is characterized by the theoretical knowledge of those involved and limited: infrastructure, updating of technological resources for administrative management, automation of university processes and use of a variety of resources.

On the basis of intentional sampling, students were applied and an eduteka. The processing of the data collected through this instrument, although it reveals a favorable trend, the majority of students -according to them- they do know, and at the same time apply this competence in the handling of information CMI ; however, there are contradictions in the answers that denote limitations in the intelligent processing of information.

ABSTRACT: The post-constructivist educational paradigms have provoked new methodological currents in the bidirectional process of education, where the teacher must not only master the science of their academic education, but he must know and master the paradigmatic tendencies of the new century; which he bases as a pedagogical instrument in information, communication and automation technologies ICATs. Connectivism, technological instruments have facilitated access to large volumes of information, which are variously restricted. Nevertheless, the currents of open scientific work, oriented to software, have given rise to a more informed generation; the answer to which the teacher has a task of being in equal conditions, with respect to the new technological generations.

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ABSTRACT: The article begins describing and explaining aspects related to the administration and its contribution in educational management in higher education institutions in Ecuador. The argument of this theme indicates the styles that frame the social commitment and the contribution in the university entity, which is currently making changes in the Institutions of Higher Education of Ecuador, either public or private in the different points of view of the administration and its contribution in educational management in university social responsibility.

The recognition of the scientific argumentation of the last ten years has allowed us to measure the levels of quality through sources in the administrative-educational area. ABSTRACT: The objective of the work was to classify and describe the patterns of interaction of violent couples, from a systemic perspective, with a non-experimental methodological design ex post facto.

A cross-sectional study was conducted with a structured interview format of narrative cut to a sample of 50 women victims of partner violence. As result, violent patterns of interaction in six types, with rigid roles of the participants were classified. Reflection from their current perspective. The literature review projects that the greater the recurrence of family, social, emotional conflicts, among others, the greater the prevalence of suicidal thoughts. Women as human expression of the unequal, natural law paradox. ABSTRACT: The research addresses the philosophical thinking of the process of discovery of the rights reserved to women as product of discrimination they have been born only for being biologically different, question reversed due to battles of thought carried out in all tribunes.

It was applied a descriptive, theoretical methodology of analysis of documents that reflect the imagination of philosophers on respect to women as representation of the human. Results are taxed at the research on prevention of gender-based violence against women which has won space and proposes transforming the thought to preserve the women human rights. Graciela Josefina Castro Castillo. ABSTRACT: The social and labor insertion of a person, especially with a disability, is the result of a long inclusive process, which must start from childhood, through the various socio-educational programs taught in the school and together with other socialization agencies family, community ; school has the highest responsibility of preparing the human being for adult life with the greatest possible independence.

It presupposes the development of a group of skills and work skills, that together with the development of adaptive behavior skills, constitute in each young person with a disability a potential for improving the quality of life. ABSTRACT : In the career of Social Communication of the Babahoyo Technical University, the drawings of 45 men and women were analyzed with the purpose of checking whether the female gender has less or greater ability to draw than the male gender.

It was projected in a classroom landscape of cubes, so that the group of men and women proceeded to draw for 3 minutes in an A3 sheet format and with a pen. The result of this research determined that there are no significant differences between men and women in the representation of a landscape drawing of cubes on an A3 size paper support, in the Social Communication career of the Technical University of Babahoyo. ABSTRACT: This work is the partial result of the research project: "Local development, a need that can not be postponed in the social context of the peri-urban area of the city of Babahoyo".

It is a relevant inquiry about the need to highlight the problems of the sector with the purpose of promoting the socio-economic development of its inhabitants and contributing to meet their needs. Thus, suggest appropriate strategies for the problem highlighted. It proposes elements for a critical discussion of the problem of development and social change, suggests principles and premises of alternative development overcoming social demands, which creates the basis for the integration of government agencies and funding agencies at national and international level. TITLE: Commercial development of products made by people deprived of freedom in the city of Machala, as a means of sustenance and reintegration into the productive sector.

Here, we present the findings found in this vulnerable group and the different activities that will be carried out in the execution framework of this project. It is worth noting the interaction between students, teachers and society. This research is of non-experimental design, supported by bibliographic documentary review. Likewise, the importance of the university in the process of contributing to the reintegration of the PPL to the productive, economic and social sector.

In this sense, three fundamental pillars are analyzed: first, to identify if it is the civil judge, or in its absence to the State Attorney General, second, to clarify at what procedural moment, the civil judge must resolve preliminary and Finally, analyze the judicial activity of the General Prosecutor's Office of the State and the Judges.

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Field research was carried out in the cantons of San Miguel, Chimbo and Guaranda, whose inhabitants constitute Findings that present as main causes of violence within the family are jealousy infidelity , lack of work economy , alcoholism drugs and lack of own housing, achieving the goal of research with the validation of empirical elements that until now lacked scientific foundation, results that allow intervening to preserve the health of the family nucleus.

Interpretation in the protection of dry forest ecosystems. ABSTRACT: The work describes analytically, the deviations and the necessary correction and interrelation in the praxis of the doctrinal elements of the Iusecosophy and the Ecological Right, around the protection of ecosystem services and especially the dry forest ecosystem in Ecuador. A correlational descriptive study is used, using theoretical methods such as the logical historical and the synthetic analytical and the empirical level, the analysis of documents and the observation. This research is a partial result of the scientific research project: Legal-methodological foundations for the conformation of a system of payment for ecosystem services SPSE in Ecuadorian forests.

The presence is transcendental because of the dependence of people on electronic devices, which generate data and simplify transactions. The challenge is to be at the forefront of technologies, especially the speed, accuracy and variety of data. Through artificial intelligence, the data generated by users is taken, which allows generating productivity, improving profitability and utility.

Accessibility to the internet is important for the collection of information, including in real time. The field of research is administrative sciences, where technological tools are a mainstay in the generation of new models of business management. ABSTRACT : In an extreme synthesis, the digital revolution and intelligent algorithms no longer places computers, machines and software in the role of mere instruments to improve our physical capabilities, since exponentially they will play a central role in the service public.

The technologies transform the forms, the spaces, the times and the interaction modalities of those that participate in the social action, and for that reason, they require completely different organizational responses to those that demanded past technologies to incorporate situations where there was a spatio-temporal coincidence. The objective of this paper is to evaluate how technology is inserted as a management tool in public administration. ABSTRACT: In the present work, the environmental practices applied in the banana production of the Machala canton and the main environmental and human health problems that are generated by the poor application of them are described.

A documentary research was developed from journal articles, degree works and literature related to the subject studied.

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The results obtained show that there is a scarce application of environmental practices on the part of conventional banana producers, due to the inadequate use of pesticides and the incorrect management of the generated hazardous waste. Some measures are proposed for the application of environmental practices that allow them to increase their competitiveness and mitigate the impact on the environment in the banana areas.