A Year of Favor

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Some of us have lost loved ones. Many lost their homes in devastating hurricanes and ravaging forest fires. Some of us have lost jobs, or may still be waiting on a prodigal child to come home. Despite the storms that may rage around us, the grace and favor of our mighty God will surround us like a shield.

Just as the prophet Isaiah proclaimed hundreds of years before Jesus lay in a manger, this is our year of favor. Instead of a year of grief and ashes, God has given us a crown of beauty. Instead of a year of bitter mourning, we are anointed with the oil of gladness. Instead of a spirit of desperate despair, we are adorned with sparkling garments of praise.

Click To Tweet. Are you ready to live into your year of favor? I know I am. I have created a renewed Garments of Splendor L. E Planner for , along with prayer journals and Bible study resources to help make your best year yet. Take a look here , or click on the image below! Linking with these lovely bloggers here!

Hi Christin! Favor is the word that God gave to me a little while back and I was so happy to read your post today. May God bless you and grant you His favor this coming year! Then, you have to receive them by faith. Your part is faith—to believe and receive all He has given. Our grandson Jeremy Pearsons puts it so simply. So, where do we get the faith to receive? Faith comes, we believe and begin to receive what His Word says. I remember the first time Ken and I heard that healing belonged to us because it was part of our salvation—part of what Jesus bought and paid for on the cross.

Our lives changed that night! Until then, we had believed people could be healed, and we always prayed when we got sick. We received it, and we began to live healed. Healing was there for Ken and me all the time.

Once we heard about it, all we did was reach out and take it by faith. He has provided every blessing—health, prosperity, peace of mind, joy, deliverance from sin and everything that pertains to our good life 2 Peter Then He tops it all off with life in heaven when we leave this earth!

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All we have to do is stay ready to receive. It means someone who is loyal, devoted and faithful. This kind of heart is always ready to receive the good things His grace provides. God is always searching for someone to bless.

The Favor of God Will Change Your Life! - Kenneth Copeland Ministries Blog

He is full of mercy and compassion. Because of His favor, He looks for someone who is ready to trust Him; someone who is ever ready to reach out in faith to receive His favor and blessing. Are you that kind of person? I fell in love with the Word of God and my faith grew. Here I am. You can do the same.

Discover the countless ways He desires to bless you. Believe Him. Begin to expect to receive. Many people are in that place today. When you go in for that job interview, favor is what you should believe God for. Look up favor scriptures, speak them over that job and just go in there expecting the Lord to give you favor. Remember, He favors you! Someone else may look better on paper than you do, but when you go in there, the favor of God goes before you.

I like this guy.

Word for the New Year

What is it about him? Then you must release your faith. The circumstances looked hopeless when God promised him he would be the father of many nations. His age.

How could it be? No unbelief or distrust made him waver doubtingly question concerning the promise of God, but he grew strong and was empowered by faith as he gave praise and glory to God, fully satisfied and assured that God was able and mighty to keep His word and to do what He had promised…. Romans , 24, , AMPC.


The Favor of God Will Change Your Life!

Look at Romans again. We have access by faith into grace! Glory to God!