You Talk Too Much (My Head Will Explode)

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Suppression of the brain's alpha waves may partly help explain the condition Credit: SPL.

Sharpless says some people also feel an aura of electrical sensations that moves from the lower torso to the head, immediately before the explosion strikes. While there is no cure-all treatment, antidepressants reduce occurrence, as do relaxation and stress-busting techniques. Could reports of alien abductions be down to a quirk of the sleepy brain? But what has this got to do with alien abductions and supernatural beings? Exploding head syndrome is often linked with sleep paralysis — people who experience one often experience the other.

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Sharpless thinks that the two could explain several apparently supernatural events. Both sleep paralysis and exploding head syndrome appear to share an underlying problem in the transition between wakefulness and sleep. In sleep paralysis, parts of your brain are in REM sleep — the time in which we dream the most — while other parts of your consciousness have woken up. Consider the case of Haruko Matsuda not her real name , a young Japanese woman, who often experiences sleep paralysis.

More recently, people apparently frozen and dazzled during the night have blamed the experience on alien abduction.

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Take a look at these supernatural or alien stories, says Sharpless, and sometimes you can see hints of both sleep paralysis and exploding head syndrome. So what do we know about this nocturnal experience?

Well, it may not be as rare as you might think. However, this sample is probably not reflective of its true prevalence since students are prone to lack of sleep — a factor known to increase the risk of experiencing the phenomenon. Just how common is exploding head syndrome? Credit: Thinkstock.

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Sudden shut down Theories about the cause of an exploding head are speculative, says Sharpless. Several ideas have been proposed, including ear disorders and partial epileptic seizures. But the most compelling theory comes from a handful of studies in which people with the condition have had their brain activity monitored overnight. These small studies suggest that there may be a burst of neural activity in the brain that coincides with the reported explosion. During this transition from wake to sleep, the brain usually turns off bit by bit, says Sharpless.

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However, in exploding head syndrome, there is a hiccup in the 'reticular formation' — the part of the brain responsible for overseeing this general shut-down — which results in a delay in switching off some areas. This delay is associated with a suppression of alpha brainwaves that are normally responsible for drowsiness, and a sudden burst of neural activity in the areas of the brain responsible for processing sound.

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